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Today, our approach remains the same. Iconsoft views itself as a specialized technology service provider working across various industries and technology spectrums than before. Moving forward, Iconsoft will continue to leverage its experience by working to partner closely with our clients regarding key issues relating to the effective systematic use of staff and project augmentation services. Our promise to our clients is that we continue to strive to be part of your team; more like an internal technical resource manager, and less like another vendor.

True to our entrepreneurial roots, Iconsoft’s culture is proactive and results-oriented but remains a small, friendly and caring group of professionals dedicated to our client’s success. We are no longer in a “start-up” mode and still embrace change and the benefits of continuous process improvement. Our successful approach is timeless and has enabled us to continue to grow and invest in the expansion of our service offerings.

The Iconsoft service team defines our culture. We are a group of select and highly trained professionals with diverse backgrounds who possess a mix of corporate and entrepreneurial natures. Our success driven spirits are not developed from a sales first mindset, but one that is consultative in approach. We ensure this approach in the development of our staff through unique on-going training and creative staff development programs which go a long way towards our goal of becoming a consultancy of choice. Today Iconsoft is doing business in over 25 states with companies on the cutting edge of the industries and technologies. Iconsoft, with accomplished, caring and efficient management, firmly believes that our support services will continually uphold our single-most important goal: “Keep IT Simple” This philosophy rings true to those who have, and continue to call upon us.

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